Congress ATTACHMENT AND TRAUMA Relationships and Compassion


CONFERENCE VENUE: Teatro Brancaccio, Via Merulana 244, 00185 Rome

• 420 euros (the whole amount can be paid in two instalments of 210 euros each)
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: A special 100-euro discount will be granted for all registrations received before May 20.

The registration fee is:

  • 250 euros, for people who attended the Congress "Attachment and Trauma" in 2015 and/or 2014.
  • 250 euros, for post-graduate and University students.
  • 300 euros, for EMDR therapists – first level of training.

Please note that the above-mentioned price reductions cannot be combined with each other.

Συνοπτικές Πληροφορίες

Ημ. Έναρξης 23-09-2016 8:00 am
Ημ. Λήξης 25-09-2016 6:30 pm
Θέσεις Χωρίς περιορισμό
Cut off date 25-09-2016 12:00 am
Κόστος Συμμετοχής 420 €
Φορέας Italy Congress

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